From basic research to an economic asset

Aim: Starting with a scientific meeting on prominent use-cases of big data in physics and astronomy and big data challenges in industry, the symposium will suggest recommendations for research policies. These recommendations will be debated in a panel discussion.

Topic: A paradigm shift in science, industry and society: floods of data are influencing our daily life more and more. Important areas characterized by steadily increasing data volumes are Industry 4.0, autonomous cars and new mobility concepts. Methods for analyzing large data volumes are a fuel for the economy of the future. In comparison to the USA with its big IT companies, the need to catch up of Germany is considerable.

International research centres like CERN are among the top data producers worldwide and perform pioneering work in the field of data analysis. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will consist of thousands of radio telescopes. As the biggest civil data producer, the SKA has to develop new data analysis methods in order to tame a huge amount of data and make it available for analysis. With some delay, the industry will have to cope with comparable challenges. The importance of big data for every-day-live will increase, and thus new ethical and legal questions will be raised.

During the closing panel discussion high-ranking representatives from science, industry, and politics debate challenges, opportunities, and risks on Big Data made in Germany.